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SecureDock Uno Wall Tilt Mount for iPad Pro


Our SecureDock mount is an adjustable, high-security universal mounting enclosure that’s ideal for mounting your iPad to a wall. The enclosure even offers a variety of tilt options for different viewing angles. It’s made from steel, powder coated and is fitted with purpose-made mounting rubbers that cushion the iPad.

The enclosure lid is locked in place at one end with a high-security push lock. Should you want restricted access to the home button, simply rotate the iPad in the base. This will cover the home button by a small hole in the lid, making it only accessible by a pen or similar-sized object. Comptaible with the iPad Pro.

  • Adjustable, high-security enclosure and wall mount
  • Ideal for mounting an iPad to a wall
  • Enclosure rotates 90 degrees on the mount for varying viewing angles
  • Access camera or home button if required
  • Enclosure is fitted with a push lock to lock lid
  • Cable management keeps everything tidy
  • Made of steel and powder coated

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